Thursday, December 8, 2016

DYB - December 8th to 14th Weekly Special

Only available for one week! Dec 8th - 14th

Our Double Trouble Bars Mix 
You MUST try these! Makes a full 13 x 9 panful of the most delicious and amazing baked treat. Two layers. A soft peanut butter bottom (cross between a cake and a shortbread) topped with a delicious dark chocolate frosting. If you love peanut butter cups, then you will absolutely go mmmm over our double trouble bars.

Our Cinnamon MIYM Donut Muffins
A fan favorite returning for one week only! Bite into one of these and your tastebuds will go oooohhh aaahhhh. Reminiscent of a delicious cinnamon sugar donut, but in MUFFIN form and baked to perfection!One box mix makes approximately 12 - 14 delicious muffins. Includes our delicious cinnamon sugar TWIST topper

REMEMBER - all DYB items are ALL natural - NO preservatives, NO additives, NO colors and NO dyes, just real food for real people!!