Friday, June 27, 2014

JewelScent - This weekend - Soap Luv Special

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Time to Shop! Stock up on JewelScent soaps!
Enjoy 20% off
all JewelScent soaps
Promotion ends 11:59 PM PST 6/29/2014
*Cannot be used with any other promo code
Excludes Body Scrubs

Saturday, June 21, 2014

JewelScent - This weekend only - Free Soap Promo

This Weekend
Buy 2 Candles, Body Scrubs or Beads
and get 1 FREE Soap
Here's How it Works
1.Select two or more candles, body scrubs or beads (can be any combination of candles, body scrubs and beads).
2.For every two you select, you earn 1 Free soap.
3.So for example, if you add 4 (say 2 candles and 2 beads), you earn 2 soaps (you just have to pay the regular S/H).
4.You MUST select the soaps you want (not automatically added).
5.After your soaps of choice have been added to your cart, then apply promo code FREESOAP on the checkout page.
6.In the example above, you would have received a $30 discount which is equivalent to the price of the 2 soaps.
Promotion ends 11:59 PM PST 6/22/2014
*Cannot be used with any other promo code

Thursday, June 19, 2014

JewelScent - Summer Sale

As if anyone needed another reason to order the wonderful JewelScent products, here is a great one!

The Summer Sale -  15% off everything!!
Yes, I just placed another order and this code is live and working right now. Will be good all summer, but why wait, order now while the getting is good!

To qualify for this SUMMER sale, you must have one of these following Summer products in your order:
Cherry Body Scrub
Hawaiian Pineapple Body Scrub
Rose Verbana Candle
Peach Blossom Candle
Sweet Gardenia Candle
Orchard Apple Candle
Cirtus Pomegranate Candle
Cuban Nights Candle
Tropical Kiwi Candle
Water Peony Soap
Sea Spray Soap
Golden Apple Soap
Bamboo Rain Aroma Beads
Jasmine Flower Aroma Beads
Calm Lavender Aroma Beads

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

JewelScent - Calming Lavender Soap - Ring Inside

My daughter opened the Calming Lavender soap that I ordered the other day from JewelScent. Of course when she opens the soaps, she manages to get the ring out as soon as possible! She is like me in that, she loves the rings and was looking forward to seeing what was in there.

This is a beautiful ring. A Pink center stone with clear stones circling it, there are stones on the band. The band is very thick and beveled.  The stone setting sits up higher than some of the other rings I have gotten, and it has the highest value of any I have gotten in a soap, appraising at $50.  It definitely looks like it is worth more than that!  I have to say that all the rings I have gotten from JewelScent have looked great!

My daughter likes this one, and I think she is wanting to wear it with her purity band. It looks really good on her too. Although she has already laided claim to a small purple stone ring. Guess she is going to start laying claim to more of them from now on.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Jewel Scent vs. The Competition

I became a JewelScent Rep because I loved their products and their surprises.

Lately I have seen a ton of ads on Facebook for other company's, in fact I had never seen the other companies until after I joined JewelScent.  I noticed a number of Reps talking about the other companies and that people are asking, so what can you say to someone that wants to know the differences? I decided to find out what I could.

Diamond Candles
1. Value of rings is stated to be between $10-$5000
2. They have NO reps, so you hve no one to deal with or help you out, just the company itself.
3. They have a 21oz candle for $24.95 with a ring of random size, you can't choose your size.
4. They also have a 12 oz candle without a ring for $19.95

Jewelry Candles
1. Values is stated to be between $10-$7500
2. They do have Reps.
3.  They send random jewelry.  Earrings, pendant, necklace, bracelet or rings. No choice in what or what size.
4. They have a 21 oz candle for $29.95 with a jewel.
5. They also offer a soap for $12.00 with a jewel
6. They offer wax tarts for $5, no jewel. If you buy a bag of six sets of tarts they will send a jewel.

Jewelry In Candles
1. Values - I could not find anything in their websites that listed a value.
2. They do have Reps
3. They send jewelry. Either earrings, necklace or a limited set of ring sizes and you can pick which you want.
4.  They offer a 21 oz candle for $24.95
5. They offer wax tarts for $15.95

Prize Candles
1. Values are stated to be between $10-$5000
2.  They do NOT have Reps
3. They offer a 9oz candle for $24.99
4.  They have a random ring size in the candles, no choice.

Now that sounds like a lot of information, but for the most part we all offer our surprise products to be in the same range, although with JewelScent we have a higher minimum value on ours, at $25.

Two companies offer you the chance to have a personal Rep help you and two do not. That depends on your preference, but if you have an issue with something, it is always nicer to have a Rep to be your advocate. 

As to the products, I haven't tried any of the others so anything I say would just be what I have heard from other people, and that is not fair for me to say.  I just know that I love the JewelScent products. I love the candles and the scents that I get from them. They are soy wax, and even after getting a ring out, I like to rub any excess wax into my hands. It feels nice and I know it's soy so I am not afraid to do so.
I also love the aroma beads, which no one else has. I have them in drawers and closets all over my house and the scent when I open them is just so refreshing. I adore them.

Since I haven't ordered from any of the others I can't say much on shipping and delivery, other than what I have heard from people who have switched from them to JewelScent, there again I don't think it would be fair of me to say anything on that front. I just know that when I order everything is here so quickly and I have never had a problem with anything that I ordered.

I know there are a lot of choices out there, but I want to make my business with JewelScent the one you turn to. I promise to be there for you every step of the way and to provide you with the best customer service possible. Let me give you a chance to show you what we have to offer, and you can make the decision!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

JewelScent - Bamboo Rain Aroma Beads - Ring Inisde

I love the candles from JewelScent, but even more than the candles I love the Aroma Beads! 
 Our Aroma Beads offer you a portable option for our candle scents. These beads are beautiful and fragrant and when poured into organza pouches, glass jars and small sachets can be used similar to dry potpourri. Use them in your luggage, closets, wardrobe, cars or any other small space you want to smell fantastic!
I have some in bags in my drawers, and some in small baskets in my closets.

My favorite thing about getting a new bottle of beads is that I can get the ring from inside right away! I don't have to wait for the candle to burn down enough to get it or the soap to wear away enough for it. I can just pour out the beads and get the ring! I hate waiting!

The new ring in the Bamboo Rain beads that I got is awesome! It has a larger center stone of clear, a small clear stone on each side, and then then band has this open roll work on each side.  I hope the picture will do it justice because the sides of the band are just so pretty!

Right now, JewelScent is having their Semi-Annual Sale event, if you go to the website and enter the coupon code SEMI25, you will get 25% off your entire order. This is good only through the end of the night on Sunday June 15th, so you need to hurry. This is the perfect time to buy a bunch of candles or beads!

JewelScent - New Scent - Cherry Delight

Our Newest Scent
Cherry Delight Body Scrub
Sweet almond extracts and the classic aroma of maraschino cherries combine to create a scent that is both warm and sweet and a fun delight for the senses.

Discover a Hidden Jewel Valued 
$10 to $7500 in each Cherry Delight Body Scrub!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

JewelScent - Pumpkin Caramel - Ring Inside

Got this wonderful Pumpkin Caramel candle from JewelScent the other day.  It smells great!! Reminds me of Thanksgiving, but it is not such a strong pumpkin scent that you can't burn it at other times of the year too. That is something I really like about it. Most of the time when you get something that is Pumpkin, it is so strong that you can only burn it in the fall, it just doesn't work to burn it in the summer.

So aside from the great scent, I was looking for what my new ring would be in this one.  Well, as you can see it is a three stone ring, with clear stones. Looks great! Like all the rings I have gotten from JewelScent it appraises at more than the cost of the candle.

Right now, until Sunday June 15th, if you enter the code SEMI25 you can take 25% off your total order in the JewelScent Semi-annual sale!  That makes now the perfect time to buy!!

JewelScent - Semi-annual Sale

Semi-annual sale event!
25% Off Site Wide
enter code semi25 at checkout

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Red Flower Sketch Baby Bodysuit - Clothing - a TAMM creation

Red Flower Sketch Baby Bodysuit Clothing a TAMM creation

Red Flower Sketch Baby Bodysuit

This watercolor and marker sketch of an abstract kind of flower, not true to life, that I did has now been turned into a fun print on this adorable baby bodysuit! Perfect for the summer, it comes in a number of colors, besides the black.

Now you can have an original piece of art to wear on your clothing! Check out the new clothing section, just added to the TAMM Creation store at CafePress.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Watercolor Flower Thermos® Bottle (12oz) - Gifts and Such - a TAMM creation

Watercolor Flower Thermos® Bottle (12oz) Gifts and Such a TAMM creation

Watercolor Flower Thermos® Bottle (12oz)


A watercolor flower sketch I did of a light purple flower has been turned into gift ideas in the TAMM Creation shop on CafePress.  Chck it out in the Gifts and Such section.

This thermos would be great for summer camp of even school lunches next fall! And since it is an original piece of artwork on the front, you never have to worry about someone else having the same one!

Just! Infants, toddlers, kids and women's (even maternity and plus sizes). This print is available on the clothing, including a cute bib for that pretty little princess in your life!

Check it out and let me know what you think. I LOVE to hear your feedback!

Monday, June 9, 2014

JewelScent - My New Ring

So I opened my Cotton Blossom Aroma Beads from JewelScent today and look what I got!!  

This beautiful, big blue ring. The band even has small chips of crystals on the sides, about three of four. It is so pretty, and looks great on.  Guess what, the appraised value of the ring was more than what I paid for the aroma beads! So I got a ring worth more than the beads for free!

Not only is the ring pretty, but the scent is fabulous! I have it in a basket in the bedroom in the closet to freshen the room. I love it so much!  The beads are well worth the price, and last a long time.

Check out everything JewelScent has to offer!


JewelScent - My Rings

JewelScent provides rings in each item that you purchase, and these are the two latest rings that I got in my own personal purchases.

The clear, round ring was in my Cherish candle.  I love it!

The square, purple ring was in my Vanilla Soap, and my daughter has laid claim to that one.

These are beautiful and quality rings. It may not seem like you would get something so nice (basically for free) in your purchase of a candle or soap, but JewelScent carries a large stock of high quality rings to provide you in your purchases.

It's also fun to burn the candle to get to the ring, or use the soap to get to the ring! It's almost like an extra birthday surprise nowhere near your birthday!

Check them out for yourself!

Woven Throw Pillow - Home Decor - a TAMM creation

Woven Throw Pillow Home Decor a TAMM creation

Woven Throw Pillow

This wonderful and bright throw pillow is created from one of my original acrylic paintings.  The bright red flower on a bold blue background will liven up any decor!

The pillow is available in the Home Decor section of the TAMM Creation shop on CafePress.  This same painting has been turned into many other wonderful items in all the other sections in the shop too.  Check them all out!

Want to liven up the kitchen? There is even a set of flour and sugar containers with this print on the front! Talk about a bold statement in the kitchen! And since it is original artwork, you know that no one else is going to have it!

Just added to the TAMM Creation! Infant, toddler, kids and women's (even maternity and plus size).  Check it out and let me know what you think! I LOVE to hear your feedback!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Shamrock Sketch Earring - Jewelry - a TAMM creation

Shamrock Sketch Earring

Shamrock Sketch Earring Jewelry a TAMM creation

NEW!! In the TAMM Creation store on CafePress!

A one of a kind watercolor and marker sketch I did of a shamrock.  This original piece of art has now been turned into gift items you can purchase at CafePress.

Shown above is a set of earrings, but there are so many more options than just the earrings.  Check out all the section of the shop...Jewelry, Clothing, Home Decor, Stationary and Gifts.  Each section has items with this wonderful sketch, along with other original pieces of artwork that I have done.

Let me know what you think! I LOVE to hear feedback!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

JewelScent - New Scent - Rose Verbena

Our Newest Scent
Rose Verbena Candle
Fresh and romantic, this fragrance melds notes of red apple, bergamot and dewy plum with a delicate blend of rose, jasmine, freesia and muguet, as a sweet and musky patchouli base-note finishes off the bouquet.

"The Rose Verbena smells wonderful! It is by far my new favorite scent. It is so fragrant without being over powering yet it makes my house smell so lovely. You can even smell it when it is not lit. My husband thought I lit it when he got home when in fact I hadn't yet. Speaks volumes to it's quality!" - Amanda P.