Thursday, September 18, 2014

JewelScent - Signature Collection

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Introducing our Signature Collection
Signature Collection Offers Higher Value Jewels!
Concorde Grape
The luscious, soft aroma of sweet grapes meld seamlessly with the fresh scent of ripe vine picked grapes to create a deeply aromatic fruity scent.
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Grapefruit Pomegranate
Exotic and fresh, this scent combines ripe grapefruit slices and tropical pineapple for a sweet, juicy base while tones of pomegranate finish off and accentuate the bouquet.
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Lemon Cream Pie
A delectable combination of fresh lemon and sugar notes melded with the smooth essence of butter crème frosting, makes this scent almost good enough to eat.

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Each Signature Candle contains one mystery
ring valued at $15 to $7,500
. These candles feature a higher minimum jewelry value than our Classic Collection.

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