Thursday, November 6, 2014

Do You Bake? - National Nachos Day - November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014 –

 In their simplest form, nachos are tortilla chips covered in nacho cheese or other melted cheese and served with salsa.
First created sometime around 1943, the popular and loved nachos are of Mexican ...
origin. Nachos can be made quickly and served as a snack, an appetizer or prepared with extra ingredients as a full meal

It is believed that Ignaci “Nacho” Anaya created the original nachos in the city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, just across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. The story is told of a group of wives of United States soldiers stationed at Fort Duncan in Eagle Pass were in Piedras Negras on a shopping trip. When done shopping, they arrived late to a restaurant after it had closed for the day. Maître d, Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya served them a snack which he invented from what little was available in the kitchen: tortillas and cheese. Anaya cut the tortillas into triangles, topped them with shredded cheddar cheese and quickly heated them. He then added sliced jalapeno peppers and served them to the ladies. When Anaya was asked what the dish was called, he replied, “Nacho’s especiales“. As the word of this new creation traveled, people tried them, loved them and overtime, the name changed and Nacho’s “specials” became “special nachos”.

Do You Bake? Ideas ---
1.Baked Enchilada Dip

Fiesta anytime! Add the taste of Mexico to any snack! This dip is packed with a ton of flavor. Olé! Fiesta anytime with this popular choice! Packed with tons of flavor. Perfect with veggies and, of course, tortilla chips. Mexican flavor foodies, this is the dip for you. Grab a chip and start dippin'!
Baked Enchilada Dip Picture
 2.Mexican Mole Tacos

Slow Cooker magic mix! Serve up a delicious Mole Taco for dinner! Extraordinary! Bring home the delicious made from home Mexican Mole tacos. Mole is a popular Mexican dark sauce. It varies region to region. Our mole is packed with a ton of flavor, dark and rich in appearance and a total crowd pleaser. Fancy schmancy and so easy! Serve with fresh cilantro, salsa, and shredded cheese. YUMM
Mexican Mole Tacos Picture
3.Fiesta! Seasoning Blend

Love Mexican cuisine? Then you will Love this Yummy seasoning! Mexican food lovers can add South of the Border flare to a variety of dishes with this wonderful blend of spices. Try it on chicken, as a taco seasoning and for casseroles!
Fiesta! Seasoning Blend Picture

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