Friday, February 26, 2016

a TAMM creation - Coming home again, Welcome Back!!

a TAMM creation

For awhile now I have NOT focused on my own creations.  Mostly because I got divorced and moved! That was a huge upheaval in my life after 21 years of marriage, but it was so worth it!

I have always used my crafts as a way to relax and manage stress, and after the mess of the divorce, I had a lot I needed to manage.  You also should realize that my ex wasn't real supportive of my craft business.  Come to think of it, he was real support of my direct sales business or even my writing. So in a number of ways, I was extremely shy about my crafts again.

As is always the case for me, my daughter asked for something that couldn't be found! This time is was a hippo necklace or earrings or something for her Show Choir Secret Buddy (I can write this now because she gave them to her awhile back).  Every time I have started creating something that goes into the a TAMM creation line, it is because a daughter asked.  So I got creative, made a cute pair of hippo earrings. Then with the support of my family, I started posting them in my shop again.

This time around I have more support, my kids think its great and there is a pretty awesome guy in my life who supports and encourages me in every thing!! 

So, now that I am back to working on a TAMM creation, along with everything else, you can plan on seeing more blog posts about it and what is going on!!

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