Friday, March 4, 2016

Do You Bake - Beer Bread

One of the specials this month is our Flav Ah's for the Beer Breads. So I thought I would tell you about the Beer Bread, just in case you haven't tried it.

For me, I find that it makes a lighter, moist bread. Now, when I make mine, even though the box says one loaf pan, I divide my mix into two of the disposable aluminum full-size bread pans. I also go ahead and use the full bottle of beer, because I won't drink it!

Oh, and speaking of beer - when you are making beer bread, and I have found this to be true no matter where you get your mix from, always use cheap beer!! Cheap, light colored beer! If you go with a fancy dark beer it turns out awful. So for me, our local grocery has these metal bottles of beer for $1, and I will buy those and keep one or two on hand at all times to make beer bread.

If you really are opposed to beer, you can use seltzer water. That will give it the fizz and fluff that it needs to rise and make a good bread.

Why do I like DYB? Well, the taste. It tastes good. It feels lighter and moist in my mouth. Probably the best thing that I can say about DYB and what I absolutely love about them, the ingredients!! And what they don't put in there!! There are NO additives, NO colors or dyes, NO preservatives. For me, that feels wonderful feeding my family! In fact, the ONLY ingredients in the beer bread are: Flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.

That right there says it all for me! There is nothing there that I can't pronounce, nothing that I wonder about the effects on my kids, nothing that scares me. Its just plain, natural ingredients. And what makes it even better is that my kids like it, and they like that there are no additives - they are conscience of these things too, they learn about it in school, and they are trying to be healthier and wiser in what they put in their bodies. Thing is we don't have any more time in the day, so having mixes that help me in the prep that only contain natural products, is the greatest thing ever.

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