Thursday, October 13, 2016

a TAMM creation - Custom Painting Order

a TAMM creation

One of the things that I always mention on the store site, is that I will do custom orders. I just don't usually have anyone inquiring about them.

The other day I got a message from a customer that really liked one of the paintings, but was wondering if I could do it to match a rug she had in her living room.  Of course!!  I had her send me a picture of the rug to begin with.

This is the rug that she was looking to match.  I studied the rug, then I turned it and enlarged it so that I could see the colors and the variations better.

I came up with a color palette that I felt matched the rug pretty well. The outside most edges are a light sand color, then the next variation moving inwards is a deeper sand or more taupe color, then there is a bit of a brownish-orange and the red, with a purplish red in the very middle.

I put the colors onto a white sheet of paper and photographed it to send to her, as well as making a picture with the rug and the palette together.

Now, I sent these two photos above to the customer to get a feeling for what she thought. She loved them and requested to see the painting in both a circles theme and a squares them. 

So today, I spent the time painting two 12*12 stretched canvases in her colors and themes.

If she approves, they will be sold to her today. If not, or she wants changes, I will do those, and then these two will go up on the website!

All in all it was a fun day and something I don't get to do all that much, but hopefully, now that you all know that I am willing and able to do custom orders, I will be doing more of them!!

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