Monday, March 2, 2015

JewelScent - PP28 Rings for TRADE

Jewel Scent Rings
PP28 - Appraisal Value $31.00

All rings are available to be traded. If you have ordered a Jewel Scent product and have a ring that isn't exactly your style - I'll trade you another ring of your choice of the same value or slightly greater.  Just send me a message!!

These are just the small value rings and as you can see they are beautiful and they wear so well!!!  I have one that is of this value I have worn for four months and it still looks brand new!!  Jewel Scents are definitely worth more than their appraised values.

PP28 - Appraisal Value $31.00

Bottom Row:
Left: Size 6 - Oval Clear/White Stone with smaller stones surrounding.
Right: Size 8 - Round Purple Stone with smaller clear/white stones surrounding in a flower type pattern

Middle Row:
Size 9 - Perdot (light green) Round Stone with triangles of white/clear stones above, below, and to the sides.

Top Row: Size 10
Left: Delicate Round White/Clear stone , small stone on each side, open work band
Right: Round Lilac stone in a thick band set with chips throughout

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