Wednesday, March 4, 2015

JewelScent - Thank You Candle - TWO Rings

Jewel Scent

Send your gratitude with a bright scent that can be enjoyed year-round! This floral medley combines the crisp scent of freshly picked carnations and is accentuated by sweet notes of red fruit, muguet, lily and sandalwood. A fun and fragrant bouquet, this candle is sure to convey your appreciation to anyone who receives it! 
Occasions Thank You Candle - Two hidden jewels valued $10 to $7500
Each Thank You Candle contains two mystery rings valued at $10 to $7500. This candle offers you double the fun and more hidden surprises than our Classic Collection. 

IngredientsNatural soy blend
Volume18 oz. wax in 22 oz. container
Produced inUSA
Dimensions4" H, 3.625" D
Est. Burn Time120 hours

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