Sunday, May 24, 2015

JewelScent - Cuban Pumpkin Sachets

Cuban Pumpkin Sachets

My favorite creation for those "extra" smelly places (like your teenage son's room)....

Cuban Pumpkin Sachets!!

Take one jar of Cuban night aroma beads and one jar of Pumpkin Caramel aroma beads.
Dump them into a bowl and mix together (I like to do it with my hands and feel the beads run over my fingers, very relaxing).
Fill small (3in x 4in) organza bags with the mix.  I used gold bags as they went with the color theme. 
From the mix of two jars I was able to fill seven of the small (3in x 4in) bags.

Now, just place them in those extra smelly places and enjoy.  

The combination of the musky Cuban nights scent with the sweet Pumpkin makes it great for any room, and even my son likes it so no more boy sweat smell when I open his bedroom door!!

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