Monday, October 19, 2015

Do You Bake? - Fall Freezer Kits - This week ONLY - October 19th to October 25th



A little about our kits!
We have two kits (a basic kit and a complete kit) to choose from!
Our COMPLETE kit comes with everything the basic kit contains PLUS super convenient freezer prep tools such as pans, labels and zip top bags
Our kits are super different from everything available on the market place for the following awesome reasons
They include special freezer meal kit packets for a perfectly flavored dish
They include several regular and top selling DYB? products
They include the grains! wow! That's right! Every kit receives enough pasta and rice to complete the meal!
Every kit will receive a convenient freezer meal prep shopping list
We have a COMPLETE kit option containing awesome freezer prep tools to make your prep an easy one.
Our freezer meal kit is designed to create 8 different meals (that's right! You won't be asked to make three of the same thing! Variety .. and delicious variety of foods is definitely the spice of life!)
Any customer will have the opportunity to receive a FREE Coffee Cake mix if they purchase two or more freezer kits (either/or the complete or basic kit).  If purchasing the multiple kits online, the coffee cake will automatically be added at time of shipment. . (Limit one free coffee cake per customer)
Our kits are limited to this week only, while supplies last. 

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