Thursday, April 21, 2016

Baseball Earrings - a TAMM creation

a TAMM creation

Baseball Earrings

It's that time of year again, opening day of the Baseball Season was just here in the Major Leagues, the traveling teams have started playing, and the local parks will be full of kids soon. So why not have a little fun with it this year while you are sitting there watching your daughter or son, niece or nephew, granddaughter or grandson, brother or sister, or maybe just friends from school. So them you are supporting the team in a fun and whimsical way this Spring.

The white baseballs with red indented stitching measure just about 1/2 of an inch across, which makes them just the right size for any age! They are extremely lightweight so they will not pull on your ears no matter how long you are wearing them.

The baseballs are attached to silver stud posts, and, as with all my earrings, come with a pair of regular silver backs and a pair of silver disc backs.

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