Monday, May 5, 2014

aTAMMcreation - Facebook Store

Facebook Store

Facebook has the ability to host a store site, where I can also write posts and promote the page.

It is linked to my Etsy Store, so that everything listed on the Etsy store is also listed in the Facebook store.

It just gives me another site, another audience and another way to reach people with my items. I also promote the JewelScent on the Facebook page as well.
I am mentioning the Facebook store here and now, but I will probably only continue to talk about either the Etsy or Facebook store, because they are the same items and same prices. Still at the same time, knowing that I am able to offer my items in different places to different customer sets helps me in what I am doing to be a good stay at home mom, working to do the best she can to provide extras for the family.

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