Monday, May 5, 2014

New Business - JewelScent Rep

So today I became a JewelScent rep.

I am excited about this because I love the products and I think it is a great company and a fun experience.

Check out my store page:

About JewelScent

Our candles, aroma beads and soaps are all proudly made in the USA. A surprise jewel valued from $10 to $7500 is hidden in every candle, aroma bead, and soap we make. Treat yourself to luxurious scents and a dazzling treasure.


JewelScent candles are made of natural soy blend wax. JewelScent candles are environmentally safe and have a wonderful scent throw. They have a wonderfully long burn time as well.


JewelScent aroma beads are powerful air fresheners. Our fragrances can last up to 6 months and are ideally used in potpourri, sachets for cars, closets, luggage… anywhere you want to keep things smelling fresh! Aroma beads are great to use as displays in pretty glass jars, trays, or even as dry potpourri. You can mix and match with different aromas and colored beads for your own unique scent.


JewelScent soaps are hand made with all natural and organic Moroccan Argan oil. Our luxurious soaps are rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants which hydrate, nourish and protect your skin - leaving you with soft and supple hands that are sparkly clean.

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