Monday, June 16, 2014

Jewel Scent vs. The Competition

I became a JewelScent Rep because I loved their products and their surprises.

Lately I have seen a ton of ads on Facebook for other company's, in fact I had never seen the other companies until after I joined JewelScent.  I noticed a number of Reps talking about the other companies and that people are asking, so what can you say to someone that wants to know the differences? I decided to find out what I could.

Diamond Candles
1. Value of rings is stated to be between $10-$5000
2. They have NO reps, so you hve no one to deal with or help you out, just the company itself.
3. They have a 21oz candle for $24.95 with a ring of random size, you can't choose your size.
4. They also have a 12 oz candle without a ring for $19.95

Jewelry Candles
1. Values is stated to be between $10-$7500
2. They do have Reps.
3.  They send random jewelry.  Earrings, pendant, necklace, bracelet or rings. No choice in what or what size.
4. They have a 21 oz candle for $29.95 with a jewel.
5. They also offer a soap for $12.00 with a jewel
6. They offer wax tarts for $5, no jewel. If you buy a bag of six sets of tarts they will send a jewel.

Jewelry In Candles
1. Values - I could not find anything in their websites that listed a value.
2. They do have Reps
3. They send jewelry. Either earrings, necklace or a limited set of ring sizes and you can pick which you want.
4.  They offer a 21 oz candle for $24.95
5. They offer wax tarts for $15.95

Prize Candles
1. Values are stated to be between $10-$5000
2.  They do NOT have Reps
3. They offer a 9oz candle for $24.99
4.  They have a random ring size in the candles, no choice.

Now that sounds like a lot of information, but for the most part we all offer our surprise products to be in the same range, although with JewelScent we have a higher minimum value on ours, at $25.

Two companies offer you the chance to have a personal Rep help you and two do not. That depends on your preference, but if you have an issue with something, it is always nicer to have a Rep to be your advocate. 

As to the products, I haven't tried any of the others so anything I say would just be what I have heard from other people, and that is not fair for me to say.  I just know that I love the JewelScent products. I love the candles and the scents that I get from them. They are soy wax, and even after getting a ring out, I like to rub any excess wax into my hands. It feels nice and I know it's soy so I am not afraid to do so.
I also love the aroma beads, which no one else has. I have them in drawers and closets all over my house and the scent when I open them is just so refreshing. I adore them.

Since I haven't ordered from any of the others I can't say much on shipping and delivery, other than what I have heard from people who have switched from them to JewelScent, there again I don't think it would be fair of me to say anything on that front. I just know that when I order everything is here so quickly and I have never had a problem with anything that I ordered.

I know there are a lot of choices out there, but I want to make my business with JewelScent the one you turn to. I promise to be there for you every step of the way and to provide you with the best customer service possible. Let me give you a chance to show you what we have to offer, and you can make the decision!!

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