Sunday, June 15, 2014

JewelScent - Bamboo Rain Aroma Beads - Ring Inisde

I love the candles from JewelScent, but even more than the candles I love the Aroma Beads! 
 Our Aroma Beads offer you a portable option for our candle scents. These beads are beautiful and fragrant and when poured into organza pouches, glass jars and small sachets can be used similar to dry potpourri. Use them in your luggage, closets, wardrobe, cars or any other small space you want to smell fantastic!
I have some in bags in my drawers, and some in small baskets in my closets.

My favorite thing about getting a new bottle of beads is that I can get the ring from inside right away! I don't have to wait for the candle to burn down enough to get it or the soap to wear away enough for it. I can just pour out the beads and get the ring! I hate waiting!

The new ring in the Bamboo Rain beads that I got is awesome! It has a larger center stone of clear, a small clear stone on each side, and then then band has this open roll work on each side.  I hope the picture will do it justice because the sides of the band are just so pretty!

Right now, JewelScent is having their Semi-Annual Sale event, if you go to the website and enter the coupon code SEMI25, you will get 25% off your entire order. This is good only through the end of the night on Sunday June 15th, so you need to hurry. This is the perfect time to buy a bunch of candles or beads!

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