Tuesday, June 17, 2014

JewelScent - Calming Lavender Soap - Ring Inside

My daughter opened the Calming Lavender soap that I ordered the other day from JewelScent. Of course when she opens the soaps, she manages to get the ring out as soon as possible! She is like me in that, she loves the rings and was looking forward to seeing what was in there.

This is a beautiful ring. A Pink center stone with clear stones circling it, there are stones on the band. The band is very thick and beveled.  The stone setting sits up higher than some of the other rings I have gotten, and it has the highest value of any I have gotten in a soap, appraising at $50.  It definitely looks like it is worth more than that!  I have to say that all the rings I have gotten from JewelScent have looked great!

My daughter likes this one, and I think she is wanting to wear it with her purity band. It looks really good on her too. Although she has already laided claim to a small purple stone ring. Guess she is going to start laying claim to more of them from now on.

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